💰 9. Hybrid Farming
FOTA creates a “Hybrid Farming” mechanism that first appeared on the crypto market that allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA Tokens to Farm with a LP token/FOTA Token profit ratio of 2.5 to encourage users to farm with LP tokens. Users can Claim profit every day and unfarm anytime without any cost.
The liquidity source of the farming pool comes from the generated sales of Skill upgrades and the profit from selling Aether. Aether is the source of energy used to mix items and skills in the game. Players can buy Aether on the FOTA Marketplace.
About the Aether, in particular, from the very beginning of the FOTA universe, the Aether is seen as the origin of all cosmic energy. Currently, the Greenland is considered the center of the Aether before it was scattered everywhere in the galaxy. Some creatures can make use of this energy, allowing them to cast spells. The Omnis have the ability to open spatial and temporal gateways thanks to their gifted Aether manipulation. Moreover, Aether is also used to make tools with great destructive abilities. It is because of this great power that many races are seeking to gather for themselves as much as possible this element causing an imbalance in the entire universe.
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