"Feel intense loathing for me? Look what those noble Dragons did to me. Oh, no need to rush, I will show you, now!"


Zel was once a member of the noble Dragon in The Greenland. But after coming into contact with the Magic Lake, he had turned into a hideous Bell Cobra. Abandoned by his own kind, then wandering to the Nightmare, saved by Orson, reborn by power of the Darkness, he saw himself as the Beast of this new land instead of a noble Dragon. He vowed to one day make the Dragon pay for what they had put him in. Now, he is the key bridge between Orson and the Demon.


The Greenland was said to be the brightest world, the birthplace of the immortal dragons. However, there existed a mysterious area called the Magical Lake with deadly charms that no one has dared to venture into. It was also the beginning of a string of tragedies.
Zel used to be a member of the Dragon in The Greenland. Zel did not believe that the Magic Lake was a forbidden area for Dragons as they had been taught. He thought that everything in this universe could be purified with the Aether. Then a tragedy struck while Zel was exploring this area. Magic Lake with its poison entering Zel’s body transformed him into the form of a creature known as Bell Cobra, a hideous Bell Cobra.
Zel was forced to live alone in the Magic Lake after being exiled by his own kind. Hatred overtook him. Zel gradually perfected his body by employing resistance to poisons and the oldest magics while silently researching magic and potions here. Zel also discovered a secret Space Bridge and then was teleported to the Nightmare while exploring it. He was so alone and starving when being rescued by Orson in the worst condition. Since Orson enriched Zel with dark power from the Darkness, he gradually got better and slowly his powers returned. As a token of his appreciation, Zel revealed some of the knowledge he had discovered about the Magic Lake to Orson.
Quickly adapting and freely consuming the power of the Darkness, Zel brought himself back as a Beast of the Nightmare rather than a noble Dragon of the Greenland. His end game was to take revenge on the Dragon, give them a taste of their own medicine. He felt good being a Beast. Even those who were on his side didn't know clearly what he wanted; all they knew was that Zel, although cunning, was too clever.
After Orson’s defeat in the war with the Creek, it was Zel who helped Orson contact with the Demon thanks to his origin. Orson, despite having doubts about Zel, kept him as his advisor for the upcoming battle.
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