"The only one who takes me down is not The Darkness or anyone else, it is just me!"


The Nightmare was once inhabited by the Creek - an indigenous tribe that were mostly concentrated in the Darkest Jungle. Tigris had been a headman of that tribe since he was very young, but his strength and intelligence were second to none. From an early age, Tigris was taught by his grandfather and father about the Nightmare with peace and unity. However, that’s all impossible when those lost Omnis came here with new powers, exploited the dark power of the Darkness, slowly turned bad and named themselves the Demons - a new race and a byword for cruelty. They used their psychic powers to manipulate and make the Beast - which were born from darkness extremely insane and bloodthirsty. Now the only way out is that Tigris has to find ways to unite with The Human in Middle Earth to repel the evil forces or his tribe will perish from this land.


After the Big Bang, the Darkness hid itself from Aether's aura in the Nightmare - where light cannot reach. That explosion at the same time awakened The Beast, they came from the depths of The Nightmare and absorbed the evil of the Darkness. With such powers, they sowed the seeds of fear across Middle Earth through Space Bridges scattered throughout. But after thousands of years of this darkness invasion, a new tribe - Creek, concentrated in the Darkest Jungle, appeared with the desire to go against the beliefs of the Nightmare - “peace”.
Tigris was the son of the headman Corbetti and grandson of the Legendary Bengal. He has been living in love and trained by his father and grandfather since he was just a child. With the duty of being the next headman of the Creek, Tigris worked very hard to become the strongest even though he didn't want it. Indeed, his dream was to have a normal life like other Creek friends.
Melina and Amaltheus were Tigris’ friends. Melina was a Demi-Beast (half-human half-beast) with a Human mother and a Beast father. She is often shunned because of her origin, but Tigris was different, he always showed his respect for her, especially her integrity. As for Amaltheus, Tigris' best friend growing up, they trained together. When they were young, they often sneaked to an abandoned Space Bridge to get to the other side of The Wall and watched the sunrise, for Tigris, that was one of the best memories.
And then a bloody battle started, confronting the army of fallen souls and demons, his father Corbetti was defeated by Orson on the battlefield. He soon had to carry his responsibilities as the headman of the Creeks in his father’s place and became the youngest one in thousands of years of history.
With his tenacious courage in battle and the help of Melina and Amaltheus in leading the Creek, all the doubts going against his leadership were soon avoided. Along with his true friends, Creeks returned to its golden age - the era that his grandfather, the Legendary Bengal, had done before.
But Demons that looked for the Darkness’ powers have joined the war in the Nightmare. They had dealings with Orson to combine the power of the Darkness with Aether, making the Beast agitated and completely driven by the blood.
Facing the prospect of being defeated by Orson and Demons, Tigris put his trust in the Human on the other side of the Space Bridges.
One time while scouting the Space Bridge, Tigris happened to save one strange man who was being hunted by Black Knights. Melina, with her talent, nursed him back to health and he revealed he was Brian Kide - once the commander of Black Knights and hunted by his own people.
Now that with the union of the most revered headman of Middle Earth and the Nightmare, could an alliance between the Human and the Beast be formed? They both wanted to eradicate evil and protect peace for their homeland by crushing the ambitions of Orson in the Nightmare and Silver Serpent in Middle Earth.
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