"Rest in peace my son, don’t be afraid of loneliness because I will bring you your revenge and some “good friends”."


Orson was once a Creek and a big believer in the Legendary Bengal pacifist ideology. However, the death of his son completely changed him. Orson himself founded the Sentinel - a new tribe to fight against the Creek. He accepted alienation and even formed an alliance with the Demon just in order to avenge the death of his son.


Orson was one of Bengal's courtiers. He had great faith in the Legendary Bengal’s ideology for peace of the Beast. And even when Bengal died because of old age, Orson was the person who continued most of Bengal's legacy.
However, one time when his warriors passed through the Space Bridge to investigate the statement of the Human side, unfortunately, an Auraminum arrow went straight through the heart and killed his son, Kodiak. That Black Knight then was captured but instead of executing him as Bengal had done before, Corbetti decided to make it differently, he wanted to discuss with the Human and gave the most equitable punishment for Black Knight in order to form an alliance with them. Orson thought this was unfair to him, but Corbetti ignored it and believed this was the right direction for the Beast.
Disagreeing with that action, Orson left the Creek and established the Sentinel to declare war with Corbetti. Since then, Bengal's hard-working dream had been shattered, and many Beasts left the Creek as they no longer trusted Corbetti.
Discontent and animosity - Orson now believed that the Beast had to return to its true nature, The Big Fury. Opposing the ideal of the Creek, the Sentinel was always eager to conquer and rule the Nightmare. For Orson, he could do anything to gain his ends as well as bring down Corbetti to reclaim justice for his son. During the battle for the Space Bridge, Corbetti was finished off by Orson. However, the Creek still fought bravely and successfully defended the Space Bridge.
The Sentinel has suffered great losses since Tigris became the headman of the Creek. One of Orson's decisions that changed the complexion of the war was to join forces with the Demon. Orson and the Sentinel leaders allowed the Demons to use dark magic as well as the Aether to strengthen the Sentinel warriors. The force of the immortal Sentinel also formed from there. Not stopping at that, Sentinel could bring their army to transcend the limitations of the Space Bridge to get to the Human world. The Beast and the Demon - they constantly spread the terror across the Middle Earth as the punishment for the death of Orson’s son.
Orson now is no longer the warrior fighting for peace of the Beast but the ancient Beast who comes back to its true nature, The Big Fury. Anyone who gets in his way now, can only receive a brutal death.
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