"I have been the king of this desert for thousands of years and soon, very soon, I will be the king of this universe!"


Octonus was a Beast of the Eurypterid residing in the barren Destiny Desert. Every Eurypterid was a unique and separate individual because they each had their own territory and defended it against any intruder.
Even though the fury of the Creek had been over thousands of years ago and it was still reducing, the Eurypterid stayed the original nature of the Beast. Of all the Eurypterids, Octonus is the most dominant, not only cruel but also dangerous and opportunistic. Unlike his kind, Octonus interacted with the power of the Darkness in a very different way. It was as if the Darkness had activated him to gain reason and think quite independently, out of the intellectual restraints of an animal race. Over time, he gradually took control of the Darkness' energy and became one of the most feared monsters the Nightmare ever had.


Octonus was an Eurypterid of the Destiny Desert. Legend has it that inside Hell Gate living the Darkness. And for some reason a part of that power left Hell Gate and appeared on this Destiny Desert. The waste, the barrenness of this desert with its heat made the strongest Beasts in The Darkest Jungle dare not set foot, and even since then, this place was isolated from the rest of the Nightmare. There existed only one race - the Eurypterid. Thanks to the direct power of the Darkness, the origin, the nature of the Beast was always strongly present within them. When they got hungry or any living thing invaded their territory, they would destroy it all. They were favored with the agility and the ability to wait for the right times. Moreover, Eurypterids' crust on the outside gave them an extraordinary endurance in the heat of the Desert.
Octonus, like many other Eurypterids, was very ferocious and agile, however, the dark power he possessed was distinct from the rest. That energy quickly took control of him, bestowing him a gift called “wisdom”. For that evolution, the entire race of Eurypterids bowed to his power, Octonus called himself the Scorpion King. Since then, there was a great storm welling up inside him - bringing the Darkness power back to rule the universe.
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