"Life is not a fairy tale. No happily ever after. Life’s gonna make Humans wish for death, they didn’t even realize death has already come, these fresh tortures are all that remain."


Malhela is Aedus’s twin. The two brothers were rescued by the Elf after Aedus exploded his magical power. With natural gift, Aedus quickly mastered the complex skills taught by the Elf whereas it was not that luck for Malhela, he would never stand where his twin’s standing. Malhela could hardly be a greater mage as he could do no more than he could, the magic that he learned and possessed was extremely limited. But Malhela somehow was not discouraged, he worked very hard and became Aedus' right-hand man in his pursuit of justice and for the Sun Temple.


After the event changed the fortunes of the twin, together with Aedus, Malhela established The Sun Temple. He here met Silver Serpent, a young teenager, who wished to unite Middle Earth and create a prosperous and peaceful world. Malhela, unlike his brother, was more like Silver’s partner since he found in Silver his reflection, for having the same starting points and the desire to be a peacebuilder. He was a victim of tribal wars so he didn’t want any child to suffer those painful things like him. For that, Malhela became Silver’s mastermind in the Silver Dragon forces. With incredible ingenuity, bravery from Silver and wisdom and strategy from Malhela, the Silver Dragon forces gained countless victories and greatly impeded all the invasion plans. This turned the Human, once looked down on by other races, were finally earning people’s trust and recognition, conquering Middle Earth except for the Shadow Fortress of the Alken.
And shortly after, bowing to the overwhelming power of the Alken in their ambush, the Silver Dragon forces had to admit defeat. More than ⅔ of the forces perished and became food for those bloodlust cannibals. Witnessing that bloody scene, Malhela’s hate rose, fast and volcanic. Even Silver also couldn’t handle his anger that their hope and dream for justice had collapsed. Silver and Malhela got to the Sun Temple asking for help from other great mages in order to turn the tide of war. But all Malhela had was a “no” for an answer from Aedus. Aedus believed that the magic bestowed from the Omnis was just for developing life, not for war. This enraged Malhela as he considered Aedus as a weak man because Aedus always yearned for peace and prosperity but had never fought for it.
But those obstacles could not make Malhela give up. Together with Silver, they determined to investigate the power of the Alken. Despite being limited by their magical abilities, they detected some mysterious energy generated when those Alken ate people and then found out cannibalism was one of the ways to indirectly absorb Aether’s power. The Alken were as powerful as the demon because they had unwittingly absorbed too much Aether. And just like that, Malhela and Silver dived into how to capture souls from the living and turn them into their power.
These plans immediately reached Aedus’ ears but it was too late. Both Silver and Malhela were then expelled from the Sun Temple but this didn’t make sense to them anymore. By the devastating power they had captured, the Silver Dragon suddenly became more powerful than ever. Malhela is now as strong as his brother and can even open his own Space Bridge.
Taking advantage of that tremendous power, Aedus and Silver quickly avenged their loss and annihilated all the Alken. Since then, most of Middle Earth has been unified under the Silver Serpent. A new dynasty has begun, marking the beginning of a never-ending tragedy.
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