"All can be a force for good, it’s just we don't see the best in them."


Kyla was a girly, little dragon born with a small body, she and Zel were best friends, soulmates destined to be together. Before transforming into a hideous Cobra, Zel grew up together with Kyla in an elder tree on the slope of the Jade Dragon Mountain. They both loved exploring their new horizons with all the best in the world. When Zel was banished from the Dragon world, only Kyla sympathized with him. Kyla believed that nothing good ever came of violence, good things would come, and she could bring her old friend back to the Greenland with his true form that God had given to him - the immortal Dragon.


On these treacherous slopes of the Jade Dragon Mountain was where the Dragon lived. Their dragon’s eggs here captured the essence of the Greenland and the purest Aether energy for a very long time. Hundreds of years later, they would hatch, become the immortal dragons roaming the skies with ultimate and infernal power. It could be said that their power was in no way inferior to that of the Omni.
However, among those eggs of The Dragon, there was the less fortunate one for not being given enough vital energy. Kyla was a result of that, she was of a small stature, if not very tiny when being compared to her race. But luckily, Kyla owned the beautiful blue color with the flexibility and the agility. Kyla also had a unique ability to transform the energy of the Sacred Grove Resurrection Fountain, which is said to be the source of the Greenland power. This ability allowed her to regenerate those already destroyed such as Shadow of The Dead, but Kyla had yet to master it. Anyway, its potential power was the reason why her skill was taken into consideration by Gideon, he wanted to use it as the key for his mission of forging order out of chaos.
Growing up with her was Zel, this little dragon always wanted to explore new lands and good things of this universe. On the day Zel was expelled from the Dragon world by his own kind, only Kyla sympathized with him. But being helpless, she had to see him leave that way. Since then, Kyla always felt guilty for her weakness, for not fighting to the bitter end for her friend.
After the civil war of the Gods, Kyla knew that Zel was still alive and wandering somewhere in misery on the Nightmare. She made a pact with Gideon that the Gods could have her power for the next battle, in return, they had to help her take Zel back to Greenland to heal. Could Kyla’s wish be granted?
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