"If slaughtering is a dark path, I vow to walk that path for the rest of my life."


Once upon a time, Kekor was a Lord of Middle Earth. He once believed in gods, but all was just the past; now, Kekor is Cyril's strongest right hand. He bore a grudge against the Human in the Middle Earth and the gods in The Greenland for rejecting his faith. He attempted to consolidate the Demons' influence in Middle Earth by transforming Humans into Ogres. Brutal and possessing the ability to reincarnate upon death, he became the worst nightmare in Middle Earth. He raised a monstrous Ogre legion in the Black Fortress and posed a threat to the survival of all living things in Middle Earth.


There was a stronghold called Leap Castle in the south of Middle Earth, a mage named Thaddeus led the charge here. Thaddeus was a wise and fair human and he loved his people. He also worshiped and believed in the Omni gods in The Greenland.
Thaddeus always avoided the battles and resolved things peaceably to prevent his stronghold from being thrown into chaos. To defend the people here, he made an alliance with the Mid-Earth Kingdom. They had each other’s backs, Mid-Earth Kingdom would take Thaddeus’ knowledge about magic, in return, Leap Castle would be under their protection.
One time while Mid-Earth Kingdom went all its strength out to fight against Modern City (a Keen city that hated magic), the enemies from the south of Mid-Earth Kingdom delivered their troops to conquer Leap Castle.
Thaddeus had used up all his magic to hold out for its alliance. After several days, Leap Castle's warriors gradually exhausted and dwindled. Thaddeus's pleas for help from the Mid-Earth Kingdom were ignored, and even his request to the Omni went unanswered. In the end, Leap Castle fell. He had no choice but begging for mercy from his enemies, but all in vain. They took out his whole family right in front of him. What hurt the most was that they tied him with their corpses at the gate to threaten the people of Leap Castle.
In the depths of despair, one with a creepy voice, Cyril, appeared and told that he could help him turn the tables, take Leap Castle back, and destroy every man to blame for his family's death. For that, Thaddeus had to commend his soul to Cyril and take the power from the Darkness. Accepting that offer, Thaddeus became the first Orge of Middle Earth. He wiped out his enemies in a very bloodthirsty way by using his new powers and magic. Obsessed with that unimaginable power, he transformed all of Leap Castle’s people into Ogre like him. The Ogre emerged from this episode in history. Thaddeus proclaimed himself Kekor - Warlord of the Orge and Leap Castle the Black Fortress - the lair of the Orge in the Middle Earth.
Now that Kekor and his army have become the new threat to the Middle Earth. Kekor's ultimate goal is to expand the influence of the Ogre, wiping out all Human lives by seducing and turning them into Ogres. They strikes terror into the Middle Earth as the darkest omen of the impending invasion from the Demon…
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