"I don’t want to kill you, but if it is the only way…please forgive me!"


Keisha was once the most prominent assassin in the Mist Island. But all he wanted was to give up that title and bury his painful past that he had been through, owing to this decision, he was hunted by other assassins. Hiding behind a mask, Keisha becomes the one who establishes order and brings peace to the people of Mid-Earth.


Keisha was born in the Mist Island and said to be a rare talent of the Assassins’ League. Strict rules and quick actions had made a young Keisha quite silent and cold-blooded. Focused and meticulous in his duty, Keisha had always been at the front; his ranks ever growing as he reaped. No matter how difficult it was or even if there were innocent victims, Keisha was not allowed to hesitate because of being an assassin of the League, for that title, one had to show no emotion or let it cloud his judgment, and then affect the mission.
However, once in the line of duty, he was seriously injured and saved by a girl named Maris, from a tiny fishing village nearby. After weeks of recovery, Keisha gradually developed his feelings for Maris and for this small village. This was considered to be a taboo for an assassin when their rule was inherently "no emotion, no name, no identity, that’s the strongest of all". And Keisha made his own decision, he chose to keep his head down, live a life of sober contemplation in this place. But his past did not let him free, the Assassins League finally found Keisha. They believed that his decision could jeopardize the League’s integrity and forced Keisha to leave that life behind and return to serve the League, or else, they would kill anyone who’s involved. Finally, Keisha agreed to return to ensure the safety of the village.
The Assassins League gave him a new quest and wanted him to finish immediately to prove his loyalty. But indeed, that was just an excuse for kicking him out. Others in the League had already agreed to destroy that village, first was to punish and challenge Keisha, and second, to get rid of those who knew his identity. They burned the whole village to the ground as soon as Keisha left.
When Keisha came back, the village was consumed by flames, he dashed to find Maris, but painful as that was for him to witness his beloved forever lying in that raging fire with dozens of corpses. At the sight of death and grief, Keisha frenziedly killed other assassins who caused this tragedy. After the battle, Keisha also had a saber cut in his face and got to spend the rest of eternity in never-ending emotional torment. Since then, he formed another league to confront the Assassins League. Preaching principles of justice, Keisha and his people set up the Balance of Justice amidst the darkness, bringing order to the orderless in Mid-Earth. But what about his fate? Behind that mask is a Keisha trying to escape from his pain and also the assassins of the Mist Island…
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