"This universe needs a balance and I will be the one to protect it, at all cost!"


Gideon was one of the strongest Omnis, known as the God of Power for his power of a hurricane. In many places on the Earth, people worshiped and erected his statues as a way to ward off evil spirits. Besides having great respect for Gideon, they were also extremely afraid of his brutality. Gideon and his disciples were willing to slaughter anyone they accused of being heretical mages; there were over 1000 innocent people who died in their blood-letting purge. It was Gideon’s absolute justice that unwittingly plunged the world toward annihilation.


From the dawn of time, when the Big Bang gave birth to the living source of energy - Aether and all other creatures, the Omni and the Dragon were the first to set foot on this universe. Next to the King of the Gods, Gideon was first of the firsts; he owned an enormous power that could destroy anything that he defined as harmful to the universe’s balance. That was the absolute justice Gideon always pursued.
For that justice, Gideon was always the leader in battles against the fallen Omni - who intended to wipe out the Human on the Earth. He believed that those would lead to a serious imbalance for his universe because all creatures on the Earth were also born with Aether energy as those on the Greenland. By his unique power, Gideon successfully repelled the attack targeting the Earth of those fallen Omnis, he nearly destroyed all who tried to stand in his way.
After the civil war, the King decided to expel those fallen Omnis from Greenland. This fanned the flame of hatred in them. They came to the Nightmare, absorbed dark power from the Darkness and slowly transformed themselves into a new race called the Demon. Once the Demon returned, Gideon would be the first to get killed. However, Gideon’s power and the Dragon were still the big wall preventing them from getting revenge.
With countless victories, the Human worshiped Gideon and even erected his statues to ward off evil spirits. Many other people put their faith in his absolute justice and became the Hunter hunting down the mages around the Earth and bringing them to justice. Gideon gave them high-level skills that could manifest thunder and storm, helping his disciples begin their crusade more easily. However, his perfect plans backfired when thousands of people were accused of being mages for no reason and were killed brutally in the name of Gideon. Gideon did this, he tapped into people’s rage when creating these killers, these monsters. With no other choice, some chose to side with the Demon to save themselves. Now that Gideon’s attempt of keeping the balance accidentally pushed it to the brink of annihilation.
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