“I see fire and there is an annihilation”


Farrer was an elite warrior of the Keen in Modern City. He was made by those materialists who believed that magic was the root of all evils, only science was essential for their lives and for the universe. They established Modern City and created machines in order to protect their city as well as to eliminate all magical sources in the city. Through centuries of fighting, Farrer gradually realized that his inner power was quite unique and stronger than he had ever thought; therefore, he secretly planned to lead his race get out of the Human’s shadow and take control of their destiny. He wanted to remove the Human from power and earn that title to rule Modern City.


Since Aedus built the Sun Temple, this place attracted many mages and scholars coming to learn about the power of Aether. Its library thus became the repository of all the knowledge of Aether and things that happened on the Earth, including records of Lost City - a city that flourished even before the Mid-Earth Kingdom was formed. Rumor has it that this city was engulfed by a great flood. With its remains, some scholars believed that Lost City was wiped out by the curse of an old magic that’s beyond human understanding. However, Aedus himself did not, he thought that the Sun Temple was a promise of a better future, not disease. if not disaster.
Robert Fischer was a senior member of the Sun Temple council at the time. However, he was afraid of any possible misuse of magic. He always warned others in the Council about the disaster scenario that came with it.
Opposed to Robert, his brother - Vincent Fischer was a passionate young man and had a strong enthusiasm for magic. There were so many times when Robert warned Vincent about the unimaginable consequences of magic, especially the old knowledge that Vincent was day and night working on.
And then one day, while excavating the remains of Lost City, Vincent found a note about an old magic that he had never seen in any books or records in the library before. Being too excited by his discovery, he dived himself into the study of that magic. But instead of a miracle, a Space Bridge appeared and opened up in front of Vincent, the other side of the Bridge was just an endless black deep. It turned out to be the legendary Hell Gate where the Darkness was residing. And just like that, a part of the Darkness' power quickly followed the Bridge, penetrated into Vincent, and seized control of his mind then. More tragically, Vincent's body was transformed into a hideous monster.
Many days after that, dozens of mysterious missing and gruesome murders took place in the Sun Temple. Fears covered this whole place, forcing the Council and Aedus to launch an investigation. Finally, that monster was killed, but its necklace was an heirloom of the Fischer. Realizing this was his unfortunate brother, in grief and resentment, Robert blamed Aedus for having ignored his warnings before. However, his charges were eventually dropped by the Council. They put all the blame on Vincent Fischer as he had secretly kept that deadly note and did it himself, causing serious damage to the Temple.
Being treated unfairly resonating with Vincent’s death, Robert staged a coup and got the yes from some other members. They secretly stole records of Metal Art of Lost City from the library. After that, Robert and his fellowmen went to the west of the Mid-Earth Kingdom to establish Modern City - a city of Metal Art. All mages had to give up their magic and would devote themselves to developing machines to serve life in this new land. The new empire had begun, the Fischer Empire.
According to the records, in Lost City, Fischer called them Engineer and created many advanced machines, including those known as robots. Engineers had examined and finally found that Aether could be used as a special core generating endless energy. Energy Heart was the name for this core because it brought life and an unlimited power to the lifelessness, the Keen.
In thousands of robots created, Farrer was the most advanced and finest one. Its purpose was nothing more than to protect Modern City as well as to arrest those having the audacity to practice magic in their land. His biggest weakness was Keen’s magnetic environment, in this kind of environment, Farrer would be weakened as the Energy Heart became very unstable and hard to control.
Gaining countless victories, increasing the body count along his way, Farrer gradually became a symbol of Modern City spirit. But the more he lived, the more he realized that the Human would die one day whereas the Keen would be immortal provided Energy Heart and Aether still worked well. A big idea suddenly went through his head that the Keen was born much superior to the Human. For that, Keen language - Code of the Keen, was secretly developed by Farrer so they could easily communicate with others without being detected by the Human. Since then, they sneakily made the plan to overthrow the Fischer Empire in Modern City.
But that was just in the future, in the meantime, Modern City was having its hard time when facing the Mid-Earth Kingdom of Silver Serpent. Silver had ambition for dominating the entire lands on the Earth and Modern City was one of them. Although Farrer and the Keen used to drive off Silver’s mighty army, that was just a temporary success and from the golden age of Farrer.
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