"My arrows have no mercy, it will bury itself into you, your heart!"


Eira is the youngest daughter of three brothers of the Kide in northern Middle Earth (The Earth). Smart and brave is what people say about Eira, as she has within her a courageous spirit inherited from her family, just like other members in the Kide, she also was trained in all manner of combat skills from a very young age. One day, when Silver Serpent - a demon with a crown of light plotted to overthrow the Kide, she fortunately got out of that bloody conquest alive by following a secret passageway leading to the other side of the wall and then was adopted by some Northmen. They taught her Ice Powers and archery as well as how to survive in this harsh land. Now, she returns to Middle Earth to get justice for her family and all that they have lost in that invasion.


Eira Kide is the youngest daughter of Brian Kide - Lord of the North Castle - where snowy winds blow all year round. About half a day away from here is the Northern Wall (The Wall), it is always under close guard by Black Knight warriors to prevent The Beast of The Nightmare from invading Middle Earth through a Breach here.
Brian cherishes her with all his heart as she is his only daughter. Instead of learning how to be a lady as usual, Eira loves to swing swords like her brothers, perhaps due to Kide’s brave blood that flows through her veins.
When Eira was 16, through the sacred rituals of the Council of the Wall, but rather the orders from Silver Serpent, the Council chose Brian to become the next Black Knight Commander and William Kide - Brian’s eldest son - would succeed his father as the new Lord of North Castle.
One year later, Eira made an unexpected trip to The Wall to see her father, it was that time when her father was killed by an unknown assassin of the Mist Island and the Council with some other leaders of Black Knight that the Silver Serpent had got on the take, rebelled. Eira was forced to flee to the other side of The Wall, where she was saved by Hilda - Inuit's commander, but Black Knights called them outsiders for the ice powers they owned.
After this event, Eira once returned to the other side of The Wall, but North Castle’s all gone. After Brian’s death, Silver Serpent continued to invade North Castle, expanding his power and influence over Middle Earth. For Eira, Hilda taught her how to control ice powers, with her intelligence, Eira practiced and integrated that rare power into the weapon that she was using - bow and arrows.
With her iron will, Eira vowed that in her next return with the Inuits and Hilda, she would reclaim North Castle and her ice arrows will pierce the hearts of the wicked in order to bring justice to the Kides and avenge her family.
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