"I am the very hub of this universe!"


Cyril is the brutal tyrant of the Nightmare and the embodiment of all that is evil and arrogant in this universe. Very few people knew he was once a noble Omni. Things started when the Human got lost in constant wars and destroyed others with their powerful weapons and magic. And more terrifying, those who became superior to others thanks to the power of ancient magic no longer worshiped or put their faith in Gods, even worse, they blasphemed them.
Cyril was one of the first Omni gods to think that it was a wake-up call to destroy Humans to maintain peace on the Earth as well as prevent further dangers. Contrary to his reason, the King thought the world would be out of balance if doing so. With his arrogance, Cyril gathered a group of Omnis with the same ideal, including his sister Ciara, unilaterally attacked the Earth. However, this incident led to the darkest episode in history of the universe.


As the Human fell for the dark power that Silver inspired and became so powerful that slowly they began to renounce their faith in gods. Some even despised and judged that only fools believed in gods. With the rise of dark magic, the Earth fell into long and painful wars for power occurring everywhere. So, the balance of order collapsed. At that time, there was a small group, including Cyril, who believed that sooner or later, all creatures on the Earth would be corrupted and needed to be removed in order to restore peace and prevent further dangers to the universe.
In that ideological conflict, Cyril and his fellowman unilaterally prepared to attack the Earth. Then, right on the Greenland, a battle took place between the Omnis, without the support of the Dragons, Cyril and others in his side were quickly defeated and banished from their homeland forever. After this failure, those Omnis became more and more negative and they were devoured by envy and hatred towards the Greenland, they believed that their race, the Omni, were the most powerful beings in the universe that conquered all life.
With a heart full of hate, Cyril traveled to the deepest, darkest depths of the universe - The Nightmare. He absorbed dark energy from Darkest and created the Inferno. Here born the brutal lord of hell, Cyril the Devil. He built up a legion of demons and vowed to return and reclaim his throne from the Omni gods. And his ultimate goal was not only revenge, Cyril also wished to get all the Aether energy for himself and become the Lord of lords.
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