"For all the suffering that I have seen, I will deliver you a thousandfold more pain."


Ciara is Cyril's sister and one of the most beautiful goddesses on the Greenland. In the midst of the gods' civil war, she couldn't sit on the sidelines either. Following Cyril to The Nightmare, Ciara was enchanted by the power of the Darkness and transformed into a cold-blooded assassin. She and her brother Cyril together created the Inferno. Now that she embodies the lust and is a haunted obsession of any living thing when nights fall.


As the Human gradually corrupted due to the dark magic that Silver had spread, the power Humans possessed became so powerful that they all gave up their faith in the gods. Some heretical mages even had the strength to open their own Space Bridge to communicate with the Omni. However, unlike other mages and Elves, instead of learning from the Omni, those heretics took unfair advantage of that power by summoning then stripping them of their powers. This infuriated many other Omni gods, especially Cyril.
It culminated when Ciara was summoned by those heretics to usurp her power but they were all so struck by her beauty that they locked her up for amusement. By the time that came to Cyril’s ears, it was too late, Ciara had lost most of her power. Cyril frantically slaughtered all the mages and reported this incident to the King of the Gods with the wish for a purge to wipe the Human off the Earth. All these reasons fell on deaf ears when the King thought heretics were all slaves to their impulses and already paid for their crimes, all they had to do is to lead the Human on the right path, not to punish them just for the sins of anyone else.
That incident enraged Cyril and Ciara even more. A predictable war ensued but victory did not belong to them and the King expelled all the rebels out of Greenland. As a result, that decision fanned the flame of hatred in Ciara. Resonating with magic of the Darkness, the two Cyril and Ciara ignited the Inferno. They vowed to make the world bow at their feet and experience the losses they'd suffered, the pain they'd endured.
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