"Don’t talk. Fight!"


Aprum was Orson's most skilled warrior. He had super strength and extraordinary endurance, as well as his absolute loyalty to his master - Orson. However, such a peaceful life was not suitable for the restless Aprum. Before the outbreak of war, he was nothing but a lowly soldier in Orson's army. But times had changed, he quickly proved who he was. With the mace in his hand and great enthusiasm in his heart, Aprum rushed into battle and slaughtered anyone who dared to stand in his way.


Aprum was a Beast of the Sentinel. Everyone called him Aprum the Crusher because of his great strength and endurance. However, he was not very skilled in fighting strategy. For him, strength was everything he needed, in battle, just crushed the enemy till death and it’s him for the win.
When war broke out between Orson and Corbetti, Aprum became Orson's mighty warrior. He slaughtered the Creek army so greatly that they all were extremely afraid to stand against him. In a battle at the Space Bridge, it was Aprum who risked his life through the Creek army to get Orson back.
Aprum worshiped Orson even though Orson once prevented him from using the dark powers of the Darkness. Orson feared that if a strong warrior like Aprum was overtaken by darkness, he would be so big a threat that no one could have a hold over him. On the other hand, Orson became ever more violent because of that terrifying power… That's why Aprum admired him more and more.
It appeared that for Aprum, there was no sort of personal vendetta or fighting his tribe or for peace. To him, killing was merely a way to satisfy his hunger and obey Orson’s orders, even handing him in dead. Despite his stupid, fighting against Aprum has never been an easy mission. To the rest of the Nightmare, he is the embodiment of a typical Beast, brutal and feral.
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