"Silence? My soul says no but my twin blade says yes. In deep silence, I will make you disappear!"


Amaltheus was a Beast of the Creek, not only a pacifist but also a militant pacifist. A cool head and a lucid mind are characters that helped him to become Tigris’ right-hand man despite his young age. He possessed the twin blade which he found in Inferno. Legend has it that this weapon was made for Amaltheus as it helped unlock the power within him. However, this was also the time when he faced the corruption of the Darkness from the inside. Dreams and obsessions about the Darkness made Amaltheus lose control at times, but deep down there was a good person. His battle now is not simply to protect the Creeks, but also the two sides at war within him, with The Darkness. If he loses this war, he will become a slave to the Darkness.


Amaltheus was the son of a Creek priest. His ancestors were hell mountain goats with solid horns on their heads. Therefore, Amaltheus had to study and learn about a kind of magic called Yin-Yang Horn at an early age with dark energy from the Darkness. Undergoing a lengthy process of training, Amaltheus was the youngest Beast to awaken this power and master Yin-Yang Horn. Besides his magic power, Amaltheus was very calm and wise in all of his decisions, as well as a very agile and resourceful warrior on the battlefield.
Amaltheus was Tigris’s childhood friend. As he grew up and was the second in command when Tigris became the headman of Creek tribe. In a war at the Deadly Swamp, it was Amaltheus who planned to lead Orson's army into here, putting them up to very heavy casualties and all of that.
Once, when scouting to the Inferno, Amaltheus accidentally found a twin blade rumored to be the bones of the legendary Chimera hell dragon, which had spent thousands of years forging in the Inferno. This twin blade itself also carried a dark energy of the Darkness. By his mastery of the Yin-Yang Horn, Amaltheus was able to control this dark energy. But it always wanted to invade him to rise up, and there was a time when the twin blade succeeded, but he still won to reclaim his reason. He named this twin blade "Bugs", no matter how hard he tried to get rid of Bugs, it always returned to the hand of its master.
Now, when the Demons have joined Orson to push the war in the Nightmare to the furthest edge. Amaltheus and his twin blade are ready to pose any challenge. It is not enough to simply wish for peace, one must have the ability to defend peace. And for Amaltheus, there is not only a war for justice out there, but also a struggle with the Darkness inside him.
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