"With great power comes great responsibility, I will fight to protect my father’s legacy at all costs."


Idril originally was one of the five greatest families of the Elf. Therefore, since birth, Alva always lived in the lap of luxury, and was served by countless servants. Alva was also aware of her nobility and that was a reason for her not being well-behaving, haughty and arrogant towards others. Of course, no one would argue with her unruly, all that they’re afraid of was a war coming - the Dark Moon war.


Alva was a lady of the noble Idril of the Elf. Because the Idril were one of the five greatest families, since birth, Alva always lived in the lap of luxury, and was served by countless servants. Alva was also aware of her nobility and that was a reason for her not being well-behaving, haughty and arrogant towards others. Of course, no one would argue with her unruly, all that they’re afraid of was a war coming - the Dark Moon war.
Living in the bosom of her family, Alva didn’t have to worry much about others. One day, the Black Knight troops led by Leon (the former commander, after this incident, Brian led the charge) fled from the southern wall and asked her family for a favor to defend against the Orges army from Kekor’s Black Fortress. The Black Knight had been protecting The Wall for ages with their Auraminum swords. The moment when the Council of The Wall sensed that mysterious magic in the Black Fortress, they immediately summoned Leon and his troops to investigate that source. The Ogres ambushed them as soon as they arrived, so sudden and unexpected was it that Leon’s troops rushed to the south in the hope of getting help from the Elf.
Although The Elf had never wanted to interfere in those Human wars, they changed their mind after hearing Leon’s story about the Orge - a new threat to the Middle Earth, they knew once Kekor destroyed the Black Knights and took the Northern Wall, it would be the end of this world.
Realizing this was the last chance to eliminate this threat since it was not too strong, Alva's father, the Headman Oberon, opened the seal and let those Black Knights in. However, the Ogres were not that simple, what they wanted was not the Black Knights but the Dreaming Valley - the family heirloom that the Idril had protected for thousands of years. The Ogres knew that it was Human nature to be easily seduced by the Valley and therefore, they were able to take this place and create another Space Bridge from the power the Valley granted. After the first step of the plan went well, the Ogres left and bided their time.
The arrival of the Black Knight piqued the curiosity in Alva. That was also the first time she had seen Humans in the flesh. Although her father warned her not to get too close to these Humans, Alva still ignored the warnings. She used her magic to screw with those Humans who were being treated in her castle, this really helped Alva happier than all the other boring things. Since then, her jokes happened over and over again. Although very uncomfortable, Leon still told his men that they were guests here and told them Alva was just a little innocent girl not knowing what was going on out there. Obviously, Leon also felt something suspicious, why did the Ogres let them off so easily? But before he realized that was the trap the Ogres had set, a tragedy struck.
In her last joke, Alva transformed herself into a disgusting and ugly scarecrow to scare off others. Her sudden appearance caused all the Humans to panic. With their warrior spirit, one of them quickly pulled out the Auraminum sword and stabbed it straight into the heart of the scarecrow. This sword could only be possessed by Black Knights, very special and mainly used for killing God and Demon for its resistance to magic as well as the Darkness energy. Therefore, the scarecrow began to bleed, magic disappeared, and revealed itself as Alva, her injury was so lethal that normal magic couldn’t cure.
Headman Oberon completely broke with reality that no healing magic could save his little girl, so he decided to use the last resort - to use the power of the Dreaming Valley. Without any more hesitation, all of them quickly got down to the Dreaming Valley hoping to save Alva. Oberon himself was aware of the risks he’s taking when letting Humans into this sacred place, so he decided to have them protect outside of the castle for whilst he did the ritual inside the Dreaming Valley, the castle-protecting seal might be temporarily down. However, this was a big mistake as the Black Knights had not fully recovered after the previous pursuit. The Ogres appeared, seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and an unholy war ensued between the Ogres and the Black Knights alongside the Elves. Moreover, not only the appearance of the Ogres but also their King - Kekor suddenly came and joined the war. The Ogres gradually took their place, invaded the castle and slaughtered anyone in their sight.
After the healing ritual, a miracle somehow happened to Alva, she woke up as if she had never been injured before. However, she soon found herself surrounded by large piles of dead people, and her father's head was in Kekor's arms. He mockingly thanked her for giving him the opportunity to dominate this place. Therefore, he would do her a favor as the sacrifice to open the Space Bridge and summon thousands of Demons into this world. What was going on scared and froze Alva, but a roar from Leon brought her back to reality. Just like her, Leon was taken alive, but with warrior spirit, he easily released himself and seized that opportunity to attack Kekor. That, however, was not enough, Leon was stabbed by Kekor with a sword, ending the life of the old Commander.
But Leon’s efforts were not in vain, that amount of time was enough for Alva to do a powerful spell. Alva was an Elf and as a member of the Idril, her mission was to keep this place safe from those dangers of the outside world. The Dreaming Valley responded to the young girl’s request, a Bridge opened and a god descended from above. Godwyn - the God of light and hope, appeared and dispelled darkness in the Dreaming Valley. With that powerful spell resonating with the magic of the Dreaming Valley, Alva successfully repelled the invaders, and peace finally returned. But now that Alva realizes that the world is crueler than she has imagined and so dangerous for an orphan girl. But she will not shirk that huge responsibility for any reason, Alva will stay here and guard the Valley with all her life.
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