"Darkness is defined by light - A simple fact of life."


Aedus was one of the most powerful mages Middle Earth had ever seen. He soon became the leader of the Mage and the custodian of the sacred Sun Temple, where Humans could communicate with the Omnis. Then the war between the light and the dark broke out as the things Aedus predicted came true, but he could never have imagined that it was the people he trusted the most who were the cause of this whole nightmare.


Since the dawn of time, when all over Middle Earth were ancient tribes getting into constant wars over territory and food. This era of turmoil persisted until the presence of the twins - Aedus and Malhela. Their parents died on the battlefield, and they were caught by the Alken - cannibals. They wanted to use these two children to make a lavish meal for the alive warriors. Just as Aedus was about to be drawn and quartered, the Aether energy inside Aedus broke the seal, exploded and killed everyone but Malhela. Immediately, at the same time, the Elves sensed that unusual magic and sent their people searching for the source. They all knew that Aedus was born to the call of Aether, he was able to feel and control its power. Aedus is likely to be a mage of godlike power. Letting that power corrupt or fall into the wrong hands would be a great threat to Middle Earth. In the end, the Elves adopted both children to curb their wanton display of power, taught them the intricacies and how to control their power.
Exactly what the Elves had expected, Aedus had grown up and became the most powerful mage in the history of Middle Earth at that time. Having lived with the Elves since childhood, the two children were raised to be good, especially their strong belief in the Omni gods. With that faith, Aedus had his dream to march under the banner of justice and valor, establish order for the peace and the darkness in the name of Omni gods. He left the Elves and the Sun Temple was then founded and expanded on Aedus’ belief for justice. This Temple was a place, a means for the normal Human to possess the power and maintain their lives. Among those Humans, there was a uniquely talented individual - the Silver Serpent.
Aedus was Silver's greatest teacher and inspiration during his young days. He in turn considered Silver to be the student he trusted most and let him capture all the quintessence of magic. With Silver’s bravery and talent, Aedus believed that Silver would be the one to pass on the torch from his generation and unite all tribes in Middle Earth, ushering in an era of peace and prosperity. However, Aedus didn’t imagine that his faith would be lost and the whole universe soon drowned in blood and tears. When Silver fell, he did not fall alone, that’s the way of the world. The most terrifying episode in history is about to be uncovered.
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