3.1. Races

🔶 3.1.1. The Omni

The Omni is one of the unique races of the FOTA universe. They have an elegant form with the ability to master the use of “Aether” energy in the form of magic. This is also a race created from the earliest times, along with the land of Greenland.
During the process of formation and development, the Omni has taken advantage of the potential power of “Aether” to serve their struggles towards social unification and open transverse portals to explore new regions to make the FOTA universe even more powerful.
At the height of their civilization, the ancient Omnis had reached the level of mastery with an incredible amount of knowledge, as well as a level of cutting-edge technology that brought them to the ultimate dominion of the universe. However, because of the temptation of power, some righteous Omnis realized this potential danger and decided to distribute the power to the descendants and maintain the balance of “Aether”.
During an extended effort to find and develop the universe, the number of Omnis in Greenland has gradually decreased. In some worlds, the Omnis are seen as gods with powerful magical abilities.

🔶 3.1.2. The Dragon

The Dragons are mystical creatures of the Greenland world, described as having a massive body and large wings that allow them to soar through the skies of Greenland. In recorded history, Dragons were airborne beasts that were difficult to approach and tended to attack the Omni race when they appeared. However, the ancient Omnis, with their strong leadership, saw the potential of this mighty race when they witnessed the Dragons using the power inherited from "Aether '' to allow acceleration in flight while unleashing elemental attacks onto enemies. Since then, the Omnis have tried to reach out and show the Dragon that they are not a threat to this race but allies who stand by the Dragons to protect the promised land that is Greenland.
Throughout Greenland's development history, as they stand side-by-side with the Omnis, the Dragons have been strengthened with the fast-paced energy as well as the mighty power from "Aether." Sometimes, Dragons also join with the Omni in space exploration.

🔶 3.1.3. The Elf

The Elf is a race with strong but flexible bodies, living in the civilized world of Earth. They have a society based on the protection of nature here, so they receive the favor of Mother Earth, allowing them to use the "Aether" energy as their fighting power or to protect themselves. The Elves worship the Omnis as gods with great power. In the past, upon reaching the Earth, the Elves were the first race that the Omnis approached. Realizing the race's strong memory capacity, the Omnis decided to impart a great deal of knowledge about the universe and observe the Elves take advantage of it to develop civilization here.
However, due to the meager concentration of "Aether" energy on the Earth's surface, the Elves could not reach their full potential.

🔶 3.1.4. The Keen

The Keens are amalgamations created from the energy of "Aether" and minerals of the Earth. The Keens' bodies are surrounded by the most durable metals, giving them an indestructible body. However, their survival depends on the transformative power of the "Aether." If unable to maintain energy for themselves, the Keen will have to receive a tragic end to become inanimate blocks of metal. Therefore, the Keens live in the harshest lands, with abundant energy sources, such as majestic volcanoes or rivers that continuously emit heat. Existing in these habitats, it seems that the Keen rarely encounter other races on The Earth.
The Keen also understand that the life source in their bodies will one day become a sought-after energy resource. So, based on the transformation ability received from the Omnis, they have created the most advanced weaponry from the most primitive materials to equip themselves to protect the Aether energy source that fuels their souls. Since then, the Keen has become the most battle-hardened race on Earth.

🔶 3.1.5. The Human

Humans are the most populous race on Earth. Physically, they are not as strong as the Elf, nor do they possess an indestructible body like the Keen. However, in return, they are a race with high social behavior through solidarity and quick-wit intelligence.
In the early days of the Earth, the Human often started conflicts with the Elf and The Keen because the number of inhabitants of the race increased so quickly that they had to expand their living areas constantly. During these skirmishes, they realized that they were not a nemesis of the Elf and the Keen, one possessing special combat skills and the other equipped with advanced weapons. Thus, thanks to the wisdom enlightened by the Omni, coupled with their shrewdness, the Human-made partial exchanges of their wit to obtain well-protected cosmic knowledge and unique minerals by the Elf. At the same time, using those obtained materials opened up trades with the Keen for additional sources of advanced weapons and hidden technological mysteries to develop the ultimate “Aether” capabilities for the Human race.
From a weak race, the Human has gradually taken over most of the lands across the Earth and always yearns to one day access the source of the “Aether” power.

🔶 3.1.6. The Demon

The Demons are beings that crave the peerless energy of “Aether” in the cold world of the Nightmare. According to rumors that still circle in the universe, the Demons are ancient Omnis corrupted.
Legend has it that, in the process of exploring the universe, some Omnis through the portal of spacetime reached the coldest and most distant land, where the pure “Aether” energy was depleted. Instead, dark magic took its place. The ancient Omnis tried to transform or use this new energy for their travels, but something unexpected happened. The strange power was uncontrollable and infiltrated the body and possessed the mind, turning the great Omnis into evil beings - the Demons.
A great war broke out between the Omni and the Demon. But with the help of the Dragons, the Omnis succeeded in driving the corrupted Demon race out of the sacred land of Greenland and exiled them to a cold place far away, in the fringe of the universe, called The Nightmare. Perhaps, that part of history is a stain on the noble Omni race itself, so there is no record of this story. As for the Demon race, they continue to use the dark energy to dominate the creatures of the land of Nightmare and harbor the intention of possessing the power of “Aether.”

🔶 3.1.7. The Beast

The Beasts are the native inhabitants of the Nightmare. They are a fierce race with extraordinary endurance and also the first inhabitants of this terrible land. To survive in the harsh environment, the Beasts are nourished by the dark energy that surrounds this place, so they tend to strengthen their body parts to use as weapons and attack all creatures that step into their territory. It is also because of this warlike nature that this race has deplorable social behavior. Also, because of this uncontrollable ferocity, the Demons were forced to give up their intention to recruit the Beasts into their army to conquer Greenland.

🔶 3.1.8. The Ogre

The Ogres are monsters bred by the dark magic of the Demons. With the ambition of possessing Aether to conquer all lands, the Demons wish to establish a powerful and elite army. At the time, the Beasts were chosen as the target of taming to serve this diabolical scheme. However, the Demons were defeated by the brutality of this wild race. Not stopping there, during their visits to the Earth, the Demons saw a monstrous combination that created a new species with the power inherited from the Beasts and the thinking ability from the Humans. Since then, the Ogres were born to serve the dominant mind of the Demons.