2. The history of the FOTA Universe
Billions of years ago, the vast expanse of space was covered with a deep, infinite, and utterly silent darkness. Suddenly, there appeared a glimmering singularity where space and time were bent infinitely. The great super-energy that existed within the core of the Aether nucleus - the ultimate energy source of the universe - dragged, devoured, and crushed all nearby matter.
In the end, what comes must come. The planet was angry and raging. There were sounds of roars and screams of terror. Then, the most destructive explosion ever happened, tearing the silent atmosphere apart and ushering in an era of mysterious chaos.
The Big Bang marked the end of the singularity. Still, its soul persisted as a Creator, ruling over the Aether, which contained all its secrets and the ability to teleport to other entities that were once part of the ultimate energy source of the universe.
Debris carrying different dimensions of space-time drifted everywhere. They possessed supernatural powers as a privileged gift from the Creator, forming parallel universes. At the same time, the mysterious nebulas following the remnants of the explosion gave birth to living beings that existed and ruled the universe.
“THE GREENLAND - The Land of Eternity” is the origin of the Aether. When the stellar lights were released after the explosion, they moved in the same direction and linked together as fated, amalgamating into a green universe called “The Greenland”, possessing the most beautiful colors and adorned with sparkling light rays. This place is considered as the heaven of the void.
"The Omni" is the first race created in the universe. Having received Ather's favor, The Omni has great inner strength and energy. They are aware of their race's great responsibility in protecting, maintaining, and developing the universe's civilization. Thus, many Omnis have used their powers to open portals in search of new lands and track and guide native races to use Ather's energy to push the advancement of their lands. Therefore, The Omni is worshipped as the gods of the universe.
"The Dragons" are mysterious creatures with enormous wings that often hover over the Greenland. Taking advantage of The Dragon's extraordinary power and ferocity, the Omnis actively organized an alliance, and at the same time, added to the fast-paced energy obtained from the Aether, increasing The Dragons' movement speed along with ferocious battle fervor. They have become guardians protecting THE GREENLAND from the dark forces of THE NIGHTMARE.
"THE EARTH - The Superior Civilization" was created from the remnants of the big bang, from the most primitive, pure, and hard-to-melt matter, under the unparalleled gravity of our universe. They were fused to form a planet covered with a sturdy lithosphere, the only place where a biosphere exists that emits warm light or rains that create a harmonious hydrosphere.
"The Human" is a people who make up most of the Earth with agility and high social behavior. They have fully utilized the quintessences as a privileged grace that this universe inherited from Mother Earth, making this place rich with mineral resources. The harmony of rain and sun helps to make the geosphere beautiful by mountains and sea. However, they are never satisfied with what they have. They want to achieve the ultimate limit of human civilization, which has given them an ideology that only Aether can lead them to supreme dominion.
"The Elf" a supernatural elven race that appeared from the beginning under the protection of The Omni - the masters of the sky. Therefore, they received profound knowledge that few people know about this mysterious universe. Although they are only a small race, with a lifestyle hidden in nature, they have been favored by the Creator with a unique ability from the Aether that allows them to use Energy (Mana) in an incredibly skillful way to survive and fight against the powerful forces of the enemy army, especially The Human - the race that wants to enslave them.
"The Keens" are beings of mechanical constructs. They are known as alchemists, as they possess the energy to transform minerals and materials that are said to be the most basic of the universe to create destructive weapons or potions that heal any damage. As a result, The Keen is often found in solid concentrations of primordial energy and the most extreme areas of nature on The Earth. As a perfect complement to their combat ability, the Human race trades with the Keen to acquire this unique transformation technology.
In the universe, there is a forbidden plane called "THE NIGHTMARE." It is the polar opposite of the Greenland, in the most extreme and darkest place, the land is enchanted by dark magic. All beings shudder at the wrath that besets this planet, the raging earthquakes, the pits of lava boiling with punishment, the raging flashes of lightning tearing the dark skies, and the cold sounds of the wind. Resentment turns The Nightmare into a hell on Earth.
"The Demon" is a race of dark creatures rumored to be descendants of Omnis who were corrupted during the exploration of the land of The Nightmare. Legend has it that, in the darkest and coldest places in The Nightmare, the vanguard Omnis lost their ability to use the power of the Aether. Instead, mysterious and dark energy poured into their bodies. Upon returning to The Greenland, the magically infected Omnis gradually became a dark force that wanted to take over the Aether to rule the world. From there, a civil war between the Omnis broke out. The evil Omnis were defeated, and black magic brought them back to The Nightmare to reconstitute their strength and military power, waiting for the right time to return for revenge and take the Aether.
"The Beast" are native inhabitants of The Nightmare. They are wild creatures with outstanding endurance that live in harsh terrains. The dark magic in their bodies became so fierce and murderous that no one could control that brutality. However, the Beasts can only use black magic to enhance their strength. As a result, they are only considered a barbarian, good-for-nothing race.
"The Ogre" is a race of monsters created to be a ferocious army serving the Demon's ambition to possess the Aether. When they could not capture the Beasts, the Demons used black magic to create a mutant abomination that combined the intelligence of the Humans enslaved in the previous attacks on the Earth with the power of The Beasts. The Ogres haunt the minds of those who arrive at The Nightmare.
Bearing their purposes when living and ruling the universe, the races are aware of the existence and privilege of the "Aether." They plunge into fierce conflicts, and even wars are fought in this space-time illusory universe. They have sworn to possess this supreme energy to serve their ideas at all costs. At this moment, a new era opened up in the void, an age of never-ending battles.
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