12.4. Decentralized Identity
Our lives have become increasingly linked to the apps, services, and devices we use to enable the experience of internet-based apps. This digital transformation allows us to interact with hundreds of applications and thousands of other users in ways that the pre-internet world did not allow.
Therefore, in the Blockchain world, and especially Metaverse, DID will become a tool that allows each individual to identify himself. FOTA believes that the Decentralized Identity system can open up new experiences for users on Metaverse platforms in the near future. DID will allow users to have more control over identity documents. They can store, manage, and authenticate their own DIDs across apps.
More about the technology, DIDs will be deeply integrated in the FOTA Metaverse platform with mechanisms related to the decentralized network. Allowing personal information to be stored on Blockchain networks will promote security, transparency, and instant access.
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